What future plans do you want to see for the protection of our vulnerable land, coastal environments and improving our biodiversity?
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Perhaps "convincing" ECT to release some funds to be used for solar power installation. Council could lead this by making at least 50% of council owned buildings solar powered (or mostly solar powered) within 5 years, and subsidies (from ECT) for residential homeowners to install solar at their own house. This would help to support local businesses that do this work, and would stimulate jobs in an area which is highly likely to be a growth area in the next couple of decades. In all honesty i would say that this is a much better use of funds than charging stations for electric vehicles, and would bring bigger benefits to more of our community, would use some of the communities money held by ECT for energy and efficiency, and this in turn would make the removal of overhead cables swifter which would beautify our city.

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Place to dispose of motor oil

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Likely not a popular one, but can existing bins be adapted to hold ashtrays in the busier parts of the CBD? I know smoking is the latest demon needing to be exorcised, but the fact is that many people still smoke, and with no other place to put the butts, they end up on the floor, in the gutter, and can then get washed down the drains, which after a while will only add to the solids which cause waste blockages. A simple easy ashtray every couple of hundred metres down main roads/pedestrian areas would surely be better than having our streets littered with the rubbish that doesn't degrade (the filters)?

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More rubbish bins. Also bins emptied more often.

Kelly Anne
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Invest money into promoting environmental education in schools from kindergarten to high schools in Gisborne region.

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Can you hurry up with the RMA plan review- it’s out of date (laughing stock of developers).

Justice Smith
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Why don't we celebrate suburban creeks like Mangapapa by incentivizing locals and interested groups (like the Womens' Native Tree Project Trust) to re-vegetate local streams with natives. Council could help by clearing willows and providing dump bins on community clean-up days. This has the Community walkways along these creeks is another possibility...

Geraldine Oliver
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PLEASE could we have the roundabout installed at the corner of Lytton Road and Potae Avenue. It is a nightmare to negotiate at most times of the day.
I have looked at promotions for various area of NZ on the internet and Gisborne has much to learn about exciting promotions. Look at Dunedin for inspiration. Surely there are creative innovative people on GDC staff who can showcase our region in a vibrant way. Videos/ real interviews not just words and static photos.

Noeline Spencer
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Roadsides - wildflower or cosmos displays from Browns Beach on both sides of the roads that go all the way into town

Adrienne Stewart
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Better and tidy up of gardens for our city please!

Adrienne Stewart
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Clearing of forestry logs in waterways, prevention of them getting in the waterways and disposal

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Programme to encourage, support and subsidise all to install and share solar power

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Encourage the supermarkets and dairies to go recyclable shopping bags. Instead of charging 10c for a plastic bag that will go into landfill.

Rangi Pihama
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Slash, forestry need to pick it up on site, so it doesn't end up in our waterways.

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Plastic Bag free Tairawhiti! Plastic bags are ruining our environment, sea life and economy so why should we be using them when all they do is damage!

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Logging trucks - surely we should stop them coming into town? Why not drop all the logs out at Awapuni - lots of spare land and rail? From their rail them to the port, just like Kawerau rail logs to Tauranga Port. Then beautiful the harbour, tying it in with Kaiti Hill - parks, cafes, walking/cycling tracks and themes built around Captain Cook etc.

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Encourage organic farming, sprays, fertilizers.

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Forestry should contribute to the cleaning up of debris on our beaches. Our beaches need to be kept in prime condition at all times.

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Stop using glow sticks at council based events, they have toxic chemicals that endanger our environment.

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Utilise central government funding for predator free initiatives and biodiversity outcomes. We need more focus in the natural environment. Tree planting and pest control.

Lin Watson
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