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[{"id":0,"preferredOptionText":"Please select a category"},{"id":16,"preferredOptionText":"E whai ana m\u0101tau ki te whakawhanake i t\u0101 m\u0101tau whakatikatika i ng\u0101 rori katoa. T\u0113r\u0101 kia piki tem ahi haumi me ng\u0101 whakahou ki t\u0113tahi taumata e t\u014dtika ana, \u0101, ki t\u0113tahi utu e ng\u0101wari ana ki te h\u0101pori. E whakaae ana koe ki t\u0113nei k\u014dwhiringa? "},{"id":18,"preferredOptionText":"E tika ana kia whaitake nui t\u0101 m\u0101tau whakapiki i te kounga o te wai. T\u0113r\u0101 kia m\u0101 ake te wai me ng\u0101 whakam\u0101tautau i ng\u0101 hangarau tika. E ai ki t\u0113tahi rangahau i whakahaerehia i te N\u014dema e rima ng\u0101 k\u014dwhiringa i arotau koutou ki t\u0113nei w\u0101hanga: - te hauora o te tangata; - kia m\u0101 te wai mo te Kaupapa p\u0101rekarea, Kaupapa ahurea, kauhoe, ekenga ngaru, kohi m\u0101taitai; - te whakawatea wai paru i te takutai; - utu whakauru. E whakaae ana koe \u0113nei k\u014dwhiringa?"},{"id":19,"preferredOptionText":"Kei te kainoho o te kainga te tikanga o te putanga o te wai e rere atu ana i t\u014dna kainga. I roto i ng\u0101 tau e toru kua taha, i whakahaere m\u0101tau i \u0113tahi whakam\u0101tautau titiro ki t\u0113nei \u0101hutanga, titiro ko \u0113hea kei te pakaru, \u0101, me te tautoko i ng\u0101 kainoho kainga ki te whakatika. I aro nui m\u0101tau ki ng\u0101 paipa tuku waipara, putanga wai, heoi k\u0101ore tonu i eke ki t\u0101 m\u0101tau i t\u016bmanako ai. E whakaae ana koe \u0113nei k\u014dwhiringa?"},{"id":20,"preferredOptionText":"I roto i ng\u0101 tau e toru kua huri, he $750,000 te p\u016btea kua whakapau e m\u0101tau ki ng\u0101 whakapai me ng\u0101 whakahou. Heoi ia tau ia tau, e whakataha ana ng\u0101 mahi whakatikatika, i t\u0113nei kua piki te w\u0101riu o te p\u016btea whakatikatika. Ki te roa e p\u0113nei ana, ka piki te w\u0101riu, ka mate t\u0101tau ki te kati i \u0113tahi o ng\u0101 rawa nei. I roto i te mahere rautaki 2015 \u2013 2025 i whakapae m\u0101tau ka eke te wariu whakapai i te w\u0101hi nei ki te $10.5m, \u0101, e tono ana m\u0101tau ki \u0113tahi p\u016btea. I te tau 2017 e whakahaerehia e m\u0101tau t\u0113tahi rangahau p\u0101kihi, \u0101, ka kitea he nui noa atu ng\u0101 mahi haumi hei titiro m\u0101 m\u0101tau. Ko te titiro kia whakahaerehia ng\u0101 whakatikatika o t\u0113nei w\u0101hi, \u0101, kia w\u0101w\u0101hi ka \u0101ta whakahaere \u0101 taumata. Ka titiro ki te tonu p\u016btea tonu mo t\u0113nei rawa a t\u0101tau. E whakaae ana koe t\u0113nei k\u014dwhiringa"},{"id":21,"preferredOptionText":"Kua whakaritea he p\u016btea $1.85m i roto i te mahere rautaki, hei whakapiki i te haumaru o ng\u0101 ara pahikara, \u014dtira i ng\u0101 kaupapa pahirikara. Ko te haumaru o ng\u0101 ara pahikara mo ng\u0101 tamariki e haere ana ki te kura t\u0113tahi o ng\u0101 wh\u0101inga nui o t\u0113nei kaupapa. In\u0101 kua piki te kaute o ng\u0101 waka nunui e haere ana i runga i o t\u0101tau rori. I te tau 2017 i whakahaerehia he rangahau mo te hanga ara pahikara ki te t\u0101huna o te awa o Taruheru ki Te Kareti o Campion, heoi ko te kimi p\u016btea ki te utu i t\u0113nei kaupapa te mea nui. E whakaae ana koe \u0113nei k\u014dwhiringa? "},{"id":22,"preferredOptionText":"P\u0101nuihia ng\u0101 kaupapa mahere 2018 \u2013 2028, \u0101, ka k\u014drero mai o whakaaro"},{"id":23,"preferredOptionText":"E rima paih\u0113n\u0113ti (5%) noaiho ka piki o ng\u0101 utu r\u0113ti ia tau. Hei utu mo \u0113tahi o ng\u0101 kaupapa, utu nama, mahi haumi hoki. Kaua e m\u0101haraha, \u0113hara ko te katoa ka raru i t\u0113nei pikinga. Heoi mo te roanga o ng\u0101 k\u014drero, p\u0101nuihia i runga i te ipurangi, \u0101, ka k\u014drero mai o whakaaro."}]
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Wastewater Treatment
Tētahi ano
To Whom it may concern
Something needs to change NOW! The current waste solution means that Gisborne’s waste gets released out into our rivers and oceans. Gisborne is know for our world class waves and beautiful beaches. If our beaches keep getting polluted with waste, future kids and visitors are going to grow up knowing that we have ruined our beaches for them. Is that what you want?
You say that money is the issue. A few months ago we got a letter in the mail saying that we as members of the public have to pay something like $300 to fix the problem that you have created. You are reading this in your brand new multi million dollar building that you built instead of fixing the waste water problem. Also there is a huge new library being built that is a waste of time because the old one was fine, and in 10 years everyone is going to read books on devices. From your offices you should be able to see and smell the waste drifting out into our beautiful beaches. Maybe you should have considered the real problems before you started building these waste of money and time buildings.
The biggest issue that I have is that we as surf life savers have to stay out of the water for 5 days each time it rains. Instead of training, getting fit and learning how to save lives we have to sit on the shore watching

Bonnie Grealish
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