Ngā Rawa-ā-Hāpori

He aha o whakaaro mo te anamata o Te Kōpuawai o Olympic, papa takaro, ngā wharepaku me ngā papa rēhia?

Ngā mihi ki te hunga i tuku mai i o rātau whakaaro. Kua kati te wā tuku tāpaetanga.

Heoi, ka āhei koe te pānui i ngā tāpaetanga me ngā whakawhiwhi āhua a te iwi.

More cost affective facilities for families and Maori particularly in Kaiti

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Better sporting facilities. A building or playing field that can hold an adequate amount of watchers.. YMCA isn't very conventient when it comes to finals or hosting games that are bigger than the leagues we offer. -addressing multiple sports

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Please have the buses running every hour as am having to use taxi chits which can become quite costly, being elderly and with health problems is unable to wait two hourly intervals for the next bus.

Iris Jones
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More activities for our younger generation. Canteen at the skatepark

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Link existing cycle ways up ie Underpass of Rutene rd Bridge to get to Anzac park and section of urban Gisborne safely. Also under peel st bridge on Museum side of Taruheru river. Keep cyclist on side rds away from major traffic. From end of Aberdeen rd to St Johns Ambulance ie in old gas work site along river. Make existing access better and more user friendly before grandiose ideas of expansion complete a coherent useable system.That is SAFE

Jamie Quirk
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Demolish the Lawson Field Theatre. Gisborne doesn't need another rediculous theatre that only 1% of the population will use. We already have the War Memorial Theatre... Spend the money on something we don't have like a bowling alley or some other place you can have social gatherings.

27 17
A national waka ama/kayaking/ rowing facility near Awapuni lagoon. Would house vessels and provide national/international competition zone for our sports teams. It would bring sport tourism to our region and position Gisborne as the centre of excellence for these water sports.

20 1
Close the rail to Wairoa, turn it into a world class cycleway. That would bring more people and money into Gisborne than what is happening now. It is unlikely that the rail will ever reopen, and if it does very few trains will actually use it. Cycle way would be fantastic asset, people would need accommodation, food, transport. The cost to covert to a cycleway could be externally funded and therefore very little if any cost to the ratepayer.

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More hygienenic and accessible public toilets

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I’m a pregnant woman who knows the feeling of needing to use the public toilets when I’m shopping around town. Unfortunately I was unable to access the toilets as they were not hygienic nor safe. Public toilets are something I would love to see upgraded in Gisborne

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Make the Olympic Pool free or provide a cheap membership admission to Gisborne residents during the summer school holidays. Would cut down on a lot of bridge and wharf jumping issues, which would improve safety for jumpers and people in the main waterways. The cost of entry to the pool is the biggest obstacle for a lot of our local kids and families enjoying the facility. You could operate on a membership-based process where families can sign up for a nominal amount and provide proof of Gisborne residency, like Splash Planet in Napier.

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Composting Wharepaku in public spaces and later integrated into homes

Irene Te Maari
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How about a covered area over Treble Court with a multi floor car park, With corporation like OBD, McDonalds & new Library its just about a mall, The carpark when benefit most business in CBD on raining days and holidays

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Fund local initiatives and projects such as Project Ataahua. They have completed their first mural on the back wall of the Bright Street carpark across the road from the War Memorial Theatre.

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On existing Nelson Road land reserved for future cemetery expansion (across the road from the present cemetery) I propose the council establish an eco-burial site. Each person buried would be marked by GPS location - the only physical presence on the land would be the tree or shrub chosen by the family. Clearly a forest is a living entity which changes over time, so natural changes would occur, but the whole green space is a living memorial. This site would also form part of a 'green corridor' between Gray's Bush and Muriwai.

Geraldine Oliver
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Medical services should be improved.Improve the layout of the theatre building.Staffs are not looked after.Very stressful work environment but their tearoom is like a box.No windows.Re-build Chelsea theatres.Floor is creaky and Surgeons need the place for their private cases or could be used by public hospital when cases pile up or there is a back load of list's due to acute unpredictable occasions. Time is money and hospital supplies are limited.Gisborne is far away from everywhere and should be built to be self sufficient.They have the highest rate of all medical problems .Something should be done.Sadly the rich get richer here and the poor get poorer too.

Kirisitiana Musudroka
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Cleaner and upgrade of toilet facilities in Peel and Derby Streets please

Adrienne Stewart
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Build a shelter for the waka parked up along the riverbank

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Having lighting around toilet areas in central city

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To paint the outside of the hydro slide with a nice bright mural. It's vibrant, seen from a distance and it would be fun.

40 23
Help the East Coast Museum of Technology (ECMoT) develop as a tourist attraction and resource for Tairawhiti community. The museum has huge potential, but needs support for that potential to be realised. ECMoT is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers which tells the story of Tairawhiti like no-one else can.

68 6
Local contractors should be used for GDC work wherever possible, even if it isn't the smallest quote. (Building projects etc)
Local business and local employment should be number one priority

35 8
A footbridge from ANZAC Park over to Stafford St or Riverside Rd.

30 24
Small pop-up container cafes and retail along the river walkway / beach during Summer

Thane Houston-Stevens
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Pedestrianise Peel Street between Reeds Quay and Gladstone Road. Establish the area as a public square with amenities and facilities to suit. The farmers market could be relocated to this area once established to encourage people into the city in weekends

Thane Houston-Stevens
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It would be great for if te Araroa had a youth centre

13 1
Big swimming pool by the new community gym in hicks bay

Uncle Burra
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IMG 9140
I think we need a Surf Life Savjng Club House on the East Coast. At the moment we put all our equipment in a shed and all of our learnings are done in the Puna Manaaki or any other building that is free to use for the public in Hicks Bay and Te Araroa. Ngati Porou Surf Life Saving is the only surf club that covers Tokomaru all the way to Hicks Bay, I think we deserve to have a proper and an amazing club house like the ones in Gisborne. It would be amazing to encourage more people to join and give awareness to visitors to let them know that there are lifeguards on the Coast that possess the right equipment and knowledge to save someone.

Tai melbourne
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A sports complex hub on the vacant land between netball courts and bordering the Oval grounds, indoor netball, cricket, volleyball, soccer, basketball etc. Connecting all sports and community involvement together.

24 1
Makaraka Cemetery retains a significant amount of its social and historical significance despite the surface structures of the majority of its graves being cleared in 1971-73. It is totally suitable as a “cultural/korero site”, a powerful concept put forward by Geoff Canham in the second "Let's Talk" consultative meeting in August 2014. We can tell our stories here and help to bring history to life. Within the Long Term Plan, there should be provision for consultative development of a Makaraka Cemetery management plan. A suitable memorial recognising those people buried in the cemetery whose headstones have been removed, as well as those who never had a headstone, could be considered within the scope of a management plan. Headstones which are retrieved from the surveyed trench and not reinstated on the original grave sites also could be incorporated into a memorial structure, and funds have already been allowed for this by our Council.
The pedestrian bridge connecting Makaraka and Taruheru Cemeteries should be repaired and reopened. This would help create walking connections as suggested by Peter Hancock on this page. Walking connections will assist with giving residents alternatives to using private cars for short trips and encourage more active transport choices. This improves social connectedness, and makes our city more "liveable" and attractive.

Gillian Ward
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Would like culverts to drain away water in drains by park in Tikitiki. Would also like foot paths in Tikitiki township.

Agnes Poi
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To create a community home in Gizzy to house and support the homeless. Giving them a place to stay overnight linked to medical and social help to enable them to find a haven to give them a hope and a future.
This homeless community would be supported by the church, social agencies and communities.
The aim to provide temporary accommodation, employment opportunities and relevant education.

Olive Wilson
17 20
Upgrade the Olympic pool. A slide for all ages and an improved kiddies pool.

Shannon Eyles
12 2
How about extending the hours of the Olympic pools? Especially since the refurbishment wont start for another 3 yrs? Try having a relaxing swim at 6 am. you'll be lucky to share a lane with only other 2 people. I don't believe the running costs of an additional shift to give people the opportunity to go for a swim earlier or later than 8 pm would be prohibitive.

10 4
Encourage local clubs (who often have rates relief) to consolidate into a community sports hub. This would allow them to fund a facility manager, be a place for people to meet, exercise and take part in sports by renting equipment. I look at the potential for the netball, squash and tennis club all to share a building and facilities while across the road the YMCA, football and badminton could do the same.

Mathew Bannister
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To provide a youth hub with good facilities to better disadvantaged youth in our community.

8 10
Accessible facilities for all no matter the age, whether they have a disability or not, for all community facilities across the region. This includes a wheelchair/walker accessible hydrotherapy pool, changing facilities that enable room for support workers assistance, non trip services/ramps and handrails. Put all signage for community facilities in NZ's official 3 languages.

Tairawhiti Positive Ageing Trust
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Council negotiates with key agencies and cycle shops to get subsidies on bikes and helmets for our kids so they grow up using our cycleways as the normal way to travel

Elizabeth Kerekerd
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Toilets on Kaiti hill

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We should have more focus on family activities both young and old. Make areas safe for people to gather a bit Napier's boardwalk and beachfront area by the city. Areas where grandparents can take the kids and sit down have a coffee whet the kids can run around safely.

Sandra Glassford
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There's a need for a bus service to run, although perhaps limited times, over both Saturday and Sundays including public holidays.

Carl Pedersen
3 12
Free parking for volunteers while they are contributing their time to community organisations. The free parking places on the outskirts of the city is often too far for volunteers with general mobility issues due to age to walk.

Gisborne Volunteer Centre
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Outdoor basketball gyms and everything for youth activities

Iris and Paku
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Please can we have a sports complex hub on the land selling by the netball courts connecting all the sports areas together, the rugby oval, netball courts ,YMCA as a community point of well being, the price to the land has no price to the benefit and well being of our community. Thank you

Rex Mangu
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Indoor sports arena for indoor netball, cricket etc

6 0
Sports hub on Childers Rd where the netball courts are.

Roimata Mangu
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Te Tomokanga: The Gateway - Events centre / tourist complex / pool complex located on the waterfront.

Rewi Nankivell
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Making more affordable housing and job opportunities!

Olena Matahiki
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More job opportunities. Pedestrian crossings at all schools makes it more safer for kids

Jamie kururangi
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More kid friendly facilities to be used in the winter :)

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Star compass on Titirangi

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I reckon that we should have a permanent free waterslide on the side of riverside road down into the the plastic one that was put pumps....just basic kid fun

Paul naske
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Thank you for the new bridge design for the Rangatahi to jump off of! Looks great.

Karla Porou
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Build more cycleways for commuting. At present many of our roads are unsafe for cyclists.

Barry Foster
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An animal facility for kids like a petting zoo.

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More biking events for tamariki

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Swimming pool improvement more slides spa pools

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