Tiaki Para

He aha ētahi rautaki e pakari ake ai te kōunga, te whakapai, te toitū i te para me te hangarua?

Ngā mihi ki te hunga i tuku mai i o rātau whakaaro. Kua kati te wā tuku tāpaetanga.

Heoi, ka āhei koe te pānui i ngā tāpaetanga me ngā whakawhiwhi āhua a te iwi.

Cheaper rubbish pick up and possibility of wheeler bins for big families

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Waste minimisation teaching tairawhiti and working with big organisation to reduce waste before we recycle we need to reduce

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More recycling and waste bins in our neighbourhoods.

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It would be great to see council support a child car seat recycling service like www.seatsmart.co.nz. We need a place in Gisborne where car seats can be dropped to be sent on to this service, far too many car seats are going to landfill.

Mel Cheetham
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Please bring back eDays for computer waste/disposal as don't want this going into landfill.

environmently friendly concerned citizen
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Consider buying bifusion plastic to process excess plastic to form plastic bricks which can be used for different things

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Soft-plastic recycling collection points! I notice this is the bulk of my "rubbish!" It's impossible to avoid, but I believe there is a NZ soft plastic recycling venture and we all need to easily access disposal points for this waste - maybe at supermakets where you could deposit your clean soft plastics when you shop.

Geraldine Oliver
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Plastic free farmers market.

Helen Barbier
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Council should consider leading the initiative of taking a better, up front and clear Rubbish & Recycle system. Currently we only have the small rubbish collection system. However with a clear promotion of this service in our community it will benefit our district in the long run. Look at what other councils are doing ie: Rotorua. Educate our people about waste management, promote in our communities, especially in our parks and open spaces.

Heather Fitzgerald
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Require supermarkets to install plastic bags etc recycling bins, as have supermarkets in many other cities.

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Supermarkets selling recycle bags instead of us paying 10c for a plastic bag that's not recyclable.

Rangi Pihama
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More ewaste collection days, haven't had one in ages.

Judy Ngarimu
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Stormwater could be controlled by reinstating rainwater tanks to town properties. ie Cameron Road and Te Karaka are on rainwater tanks that get topped up by town supply when they run low.
High Grove - Prince Charles raw sewage runs into a bark filled pit; filters through reed beds; then through willow beds studded with March Marigolds and finally into a sump and out into a pond of clear clean water planted with water- loving plants. The solids are separated from the sewage and solar heated for the compost. We have enough bark waste in Gisborne;plus Flax could do the same attracting Tui and Bell birds. The willows could be used as cattle fed.

Beverlay Carswell
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I would love to see green waste taken for free at the recycling centre. Also a kerbside pick up every now and again for residents without trailers for the removal of their green waste .

Deborah Newman
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Our Whanau has tried hard to reduce our waste, however soft plastics remain. Can we have soft plastic recycling in Gisborne? Or can Council do more local advocacy to local businesses to reduce their use of soft plastics - like Findlays?

Sarah Pohatu
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I'm concerned about rubbish dumping and rubbish holes in rural areas and on farms. But I don't know what the solution is?

Sarah Pohatu
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Rubbish and recycling wheelie bin collection system, similar to Christchurch. Except with the yellow larger bin for organics and the smaller green size for recycling.

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It would be great if we could have a place to take green waste for free which is made into compost which we could then buy. The cost of maintaining this could be from the purchase of the compost.This may also stop illegal dumping.

Jane Kibble
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Make the dumping of green waste free at the transfer stations - it might stop people dumping their green waste anywhere and everywhere.

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Better beach clean up management

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Plastic free Tairawhiti.
At our work we use veggiewear that is compostable, this could be an alternative to plastic use.

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More public education on waste. When costs allows, separate bins should be provided for green waste, and fines for people disposing of this in waste for landfill.
Consideration should be given to placement and supply of more recycling rubbish bins. There have been studies of the behavior of people using these, and results regarding the proximity to seats and to each other. University of Auckland may be willing to share some conclusions reached by their Environmental Officer.
It would be interesting to have council feedback on the rubbish / recycling bins along the Turanganui walkway, and good to think any knowledge gained could be then used in other areas. The bins along Midway Beach are often overflowing with recyclable glass, cans and plastic.

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We need to have wheelie bins like so many other cities! You could make them smaller than the average size to keep the amount of waste minimal - or larger for more recycling. I would buy a bin myself if it meant keeping costs down and rubbish in the bin and not the street. Costs could be further if a recycling collection was two weekly with larger bins.

Amy S
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Food waste drop off at the Botanical Gardens for those with limited need for compost. Make excess compost available for a small fee to cover costs and to support development of the gardens with food growing spaces/workshops etc.

Darryl Monteith
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Before proceeding with secondary treatment of the wastewater, money should be spent preventing sewage from flowing into our rivers. When there is a sewage overflow into the rivers they becomes unsafe to swim in. The treatment plant outfall does not stop people from swimming in the sea or rivers, we no longer get the brown plumes or fat washing back onto the beaches.

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Recycling refuse drop off point in Ngatapa for the rural community, particularly up the catchment, as the trucks already go to Patutahi.

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There's a lot of items taken to the dump that could be recycled or recirculated. For example, wood, plasterboard, metal, oil. Or dumped unwanted but usable items could be put in a corner for redistribution, eg old bikes. We need to reduce the amount of unwanted goods that goes to landfill because the thought of recycling it ticks the 'too hard' box.

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Plastic bag free gizzy

Harry Naske
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