Money Matters

How can we have all the things we need or want and balance what we can afford across future generations?
Tell us how your idea should be funded.

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Affordable Housing (Modacom Portable Buildings)

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Can you future cost for growth? Your costs are accounting around fixing old assets - we see new people moving here everyday 10 years means it will cost more than fixing old assets you need to provide for new people coming into Gisborne! I think your growth numbers are a little bit off

Jamie Simpson
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It's not new but authorities seem to be deaf - CHARGE TOURISTS AT THE BORDER!!!!!!!!!!
It's not Rocket Science and we need money to provide things like carparks, picnic BBQs, cycleways and toilets.

Geraldine Oliver
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Increase council revenue by making parking easier to pay for. GDC should adopt the parking app used by other nz councils e.g. PayMyPark (or similar). We tend to use digital wallets these days so there needs to be options/multi-methods for the community to pay for things we use.

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I understand rates must rise to fund the forward planning of our district, but wonder if more older folk on super could have a discounted rate.

Deborah Newman
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Basically - we cannot afford everything we want. There are some top priorities, water and wastewater being top of the list and very expensive. These should be given priority over the ones which would be nice to have, and I think the Navigations Project should be scaled back until more progress has been made with the necessities.
There has been discussion of the large sum of money held, and being increased by Eastland Group profits, and whether this some of this should be distributed to ratepayers. Given the sum now held why can't a proportion of this be used for Water / Wastewater - this would speed up completion, benefit the community and ratepayers, and enable a sooner start on other projects.

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I don't like the idea of having to pay more rates but if I have to then I'd rather it go to things my children will enjoy like parks and playgrounds, I couldn't care less about paying for forestry roads, that industry is harming our young people, put our rates where there a wider benefits into the future!

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Ki ōku nei huatau he pai e Rua o ngā mātapono,Ko ngā rori me ngā take pūtea nā te mea kei te āhua pakaru ngā rori,kei Te raru hoki ētahi o ngā tangata mo Te whai pūtea.

Matariki Mahuika
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Just like households, councils should spend within the revenue they receive.
As GDC has a small population base, no amount of rate increases will generate enough revenue to pay for all the plans on the table. Plus ratepayers are not a cash cow with endless amounts of money. The priority should be basic human needs such waste/water.
Some of the options for wastewater are beyond GDC's budget.
Let's develop solutions within our means even if they might not be fully compliant.
An other option is to ask the national government to help subsidies some of these basic human needs such as waste and water.

The local economist
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More business education and governance training. Utilise universities for this.
Restore the railway to provide confidence for business to grow.

Barry Fosrer
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