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What’s your take on how we look after our playgrounds, gardens and reserves like Titirangi and inject our culture and a sense of place in our public spaces?
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More dog friendly parks - a fenced off area within some of our existing parks. Install agility equipment (doesn't need to be expensive), a water tap with a bowl under it, litter bin for poop and bags. Also on Oneroa walkway, can we have a fixed bowl under the water tap for dogs to drink from.

All Gizzy Dogs
19 4
More activities for kids

8 1
Sell off all the current club fields and buildings. Gather the money from the sales and build one purpose sports area for rugby; hockey; soccer etc.

Kristina Williams
4 8
Please dredge the Taruheru River from the Hall St bridge to the Waimata River and reassess the weir option. The Waimata River from Anzac Park to the rivermouth is also very silted and needs dredging as well. Having a deeper rivers would help alleviate flooding enhance river activities and beautify the areas and river banks.
see Gisborne Herald front page on the 13th October 2017.

Kathy Sheldrake
17 1
Every beautiful city in the world which had a port now has amazing urban development. London is a classic. These areas are called "The Docklands" I think it sounds, feels and embraces far more cultural the the inner harbour? You?

James Millton
3 3
Change the venue of the Farmers Market. To the very beautiful and totally underutilized Alfred Cox Park. Beautiful trees for shade in the summer and protection in the winter.
Easy parking, plenty of space, a wide concrete path already there for vendors to use. Could create extra concrete areas if required. Would save the congestion in the CBD; no road closures; no parking on residents lawns and driveways; much easier for visitors to find; no TMP should be required which is currently a cost to someone?
the Railway Reserve is in close proximity for spill over parking.
The Early Bird Market could still happen from 6 - 8:30am and the Farmers Market takes over from then. it would make Alfred Cox Park a spectacular back drop to the beach, the information centre and the Holiday Park.

Kathy Sheldrake
25 2
CLOSE the Marina Car Park to Freedom Campers. Why have them camping free there when the Council owns a beautiful Top 10 Holiday Park. They create a nuisance, wash there crockery and pans under the water tap, or in the toilet, wash their hair and themselves with soap and shampoo under the shower which runs into the river. It makes us look like a third world country.

Kathy Sheldrake
9 8
Can we have movies in parks for kids? Moana reo Maori ? Check out almost every other future thinking council does them?

16 5
Fund the beautification of Kaiti Hill- it is well used and loved it can be so much better especially without those weeds

Jamie Simpson
11 1
The phoenix palms in the Main Street do nothing for Gisborne- take the council on a trip and see how other cities are cracking their Main Street to be the hub of their connected city! Those palms belong in LA - line the street with native plants!

3 7
amusement park remote control boats coin operated 1 510066598188be6381fa26791a233264
Could coin operated boats and cars be put in by mini golf utilizing creeks and extend walkway right up to old BMX track tidy that back up off road skateboards ,, TBH make mini golf back into a game instead some crazy looking tourist kids playground

3 0
25X100mm coin operated binoculars
Most look out around the world have pay to use telescopes why not put one on Kaiti Hill sure it would pay itself off

10 1
Could you put the disability car park at other end near coffee shop as the disability car park where it is is reversing out on to oncoming traffic coming around the corner would be hard for a disable person watching what's coming around the corner and being down the other end would help being closer to the toilet as well Lytton West shopping centre

Lynley Riini
3 0
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Churchill Park in the heart of Kaiti needs a new skate park. The kids there would love it and look after it. The old school classroom next to the old bowl there is home to Mahi Mahi Bowlriders club. We help our tamariki fix up their scooters and boards with donated parts and tools. Kids doing it for themselves. They have such good skills and creative talent born from nothing!! What could they achieve with a new bowl to ride?! Go on GDC. They deserve it, we are set up to look after it and there is a huge need for it too. Ka pai.

Gregor Ross
7 0
Improve the visual look of both the Rere Falls reserve and the Rere Rockslide reserve. They are looking very unloved and need some planting of natives for beautification and shade. Control the willows which are clogging up the Wharekopae River and spoiling the look of both The Falls and The Rockslide. (Refer old photos of The Falls showing them to be much wider). These reserves are a major attraction in Gisborne and should be treated as such.

Anne Gemmell
5 1
gardens magic pic wide2 waterfall3
Let’s get some nice coloured LED lights in the botanical gardens, not only would it make it prettier but would make it safer at the same time. This would also open up the botanical gardens to evening events such as concerts, plays, night markets etc :)

Tom Paton
11 0
Control the willows on the riverbanks, especially at the Rere Falls and Rere Rockslide (refer old photos of the Falls when they were much wider). Both these reserves need some attention. Replant with natives for shade and beautification.

Anne Gemmell
0 1
I believe free fitness stations along our board walk to create a fitness trail would be great for our community. This would enhance Tairawhiti by providing more active recreation lifestyle activities and encourage people to exercise contributing to a greater sense of well being and thus better health outcomes. This idea could be used by all age groups.

59 3
Bridge jumping .... say a "group" dig out some of the mud closer to the bank then everyone will be better off

3 2
Widen the rivers by clearing the swamp mud even just a little bit so only a metre of mud is seen , mainly around three river and Botanicals could have bumper boats?

Nex meng
6 1
The need to jazz up the beach front along to the big river.........Napier has crap beaches but we have awesome ones yet Napier is looking awesome these days 'why has Gisborne been left out of making the most what they have naturally. Beautiful walk ways now days you drive down past Midway Surf club its posted off can't even see the beach....for people like me who cannot walk well nothing for us to take in the beautiful views to Young Nicks head 'seriously someone needs to do something!!! As for Waste Management, what is with Plastic Bags?? out ripped open and not good common Council be good management and get proper bins out there 'plastic bags' end up in our water ways not to mention the DONT break down!!! This is your chance to up things and provide more employment and make the First City SHINE like it was meant too. If Napier can do it we sure can too.

Angie Stewart
3 2
I just want to register my support for the fantastic new bridge design. Ignore the doom-sayers - a jump bridge can also be absolutely fabulous and define the standard for our lovely coastal environment.

Geraldine Oliver
0 0
I'm encouraging my neighbours to plant kowhai along Aberdeen Road to turn it into a kowhai avenue as wonderful as Rexwood St, Carterton. (You drive past it on SH2 - take a detour and be spellbound!) I'm so keen I'm gifting these trees to kick-start the plan between Canarvon and Cobden Streets.

Geraldine Oliver
0 0
Expand on the idea of cycle-ways and walking paths around the city and rivers to become 'bridle-ways' where the trail or path can be a shared space used by anything nonmotorised, including horses.

0 0
Celebrate our community stories and history by sharing them and making them easy to access via QR codes that can be scanned around the city for everyone to learn about. Put the location of the codes on a map so locals/tourists can explore them.

0 0
Gisborne is not only first to see the sun but it has an incredible night sky to view the stars, especially from kaiti hill. Promote both of these for our city/region - see the sun AND see the stars.

0 0
Let's make Gizzy the street art capital of NZ. Build on the existing Mudge murals and have a mixture of 3D, cultural and interactive artwork. It's has huge tourism potential and selling all the merchandise - T shirts, key rings, fridge magnets would boost our economy. Lets tap into our local talent and cover all the bare walls and places with art.

38 2
Walkways on both sides of the Uawa river

38 6
Creation of a small version of the endeavour and make it into a children learning place with history around cooks landing and also it be a play ground with slides and different activities revolved in it. Could be down Waikane or Kaiti beach

87 36
More town walks and exercise routes. Taruheru walk/cycle way, connect the cemeteries for an early settler history route, stop bank cycle paths.

Pete Hancock
81 4
Summer activities down the beach front,
Market food stores
Art market - local art
Fun community activities

56 1
Park and skate park for the children of Hicks Bay.

16 5
The drainage business opposite the Warehouse and Railway Reserve, these places look terrible and require landscaping, beautifying or redevelopment. Completely spoils the views. We need beautiful areas.

Tony and Natasha Dobson
27 1
Fix up dodgy track at the end of Whitaker St to the lookout. Purchase/arrange easement for a sliver of land between lookout and the end of Hill Rd. You've now got a recreation/fitness walking loop! A walk like this makes for happy/healthy communities.

Peter Hancock
39 2
Fenced playground for children at one of the main playground areas. With equipment suitable for children with special needs that is easy to access (not lots of climbing and strength based activities).

17 15
A themed mini golf course near the beach.

6 17
Play ground for kids
Youth centre for the young ones
Sports club house, that offers more sports than rugby
Surf life saving club house for Ngati Porou surf life saving club here on the east coast, only club on the east coast

Keeti Melbourne
3 4
Fruit trees in our playgrounds, especially up the coast!

Peter Waitoa
26 0
Build a proper mountain bike park with good flow and challenges.

71 3
We need a central city park with green space and shade trees. Climate change will only make our city centre hotter increasing the heat island effect and making it a less desirable space to spend time in. Current planning has taken no account of this and has only worsened the effect through removal of mature trees.

35 5
More walkways to get a better view of the east coast Gisborne area.

56 1
beach huts
Build little beach huts along beachfront at midway and have a ballot lease system. Huts will enable family usage where you can have loungers, towels, space to change and eat in a sheltered manner. Each hut fully lockable.

5 35
Skate park basketball court please ninja park

Rochelle koia
9 9
To continue to develop our playground through the addition of a half pipe and the half basketball court

4 7
Tikitiki park, upgrade skate area, more concreted pathways,, various skating equipment, basketball hoop. Rugby post. Tracks, fully fenced. Shaded areas, seating, tables, water fountains, BBQ facilities. Stage for community events n festivals, community panui post. Gardens. The community will help.

Wiremu Paenga
4 2
A dog park that enables owners to have an enclosed exercise area for dogs. This would provide dog owners with an alternative to only being able to walk their dogs on a leash and being restricted with where to exercise their dogs during school and public holidays. Most NZ cities provide this facility for their dog owners.

Colleen Kaiwai
35 8
Redevelop areas such as Lowe Street and Hardy Lane with a focus on encouraging pedestrian activity and smaller retail offerings. Wellington City Council have recently developed a number of laneways and smaller side streets with activity such as community gardens / planting, painted surfaces with fun artworks, catenary lighting and seating.

Thane Houston-Stevens
10 2
carousel1 Carousel2
I know we can't afford a beach boardwalk style amusement park, but how about just a city operated carousel in Adventure Park? Doesn't necessarily need to be horses. Could be sea creatures. Or NZ specific creatures like kiwi and moa. $2 a ride. Ooooh! And maybe a snack-shack that sells treats. :-)

Dinna Myers
1 17
What's happening with the old jail house down by the beach? This historic space could become an art gallery for local artists, or a small performance space for poetry slams, jazz trios, puppet shows for kids, and the types of events that don't warrant a big theatrical space, or a museum.

61 0
We should keep the inner harbour for boat parking only, never mind pedestrian and cyclists - the inner harbour should be for boats and trailers only.

2 46
I enjoy taking my moko to the new playground at the Worsley st park and read about the recent upgrades in Toko. These playgrounds are important for our neighbourhood communities and our tamariki. Please don’t stop investing in playgrounds!

Nanny M
9 0
Has the council considered reopening the lookout at the top of Gentle Annie now that the forest has been cleared and the view is back to be enjoyed. This used to be a popular viewing spot.

Ann Holden
12 2
More shaded areas over the parks especially with steel play grounds etc

Sammy jo
17 0
Ko taku whakaaro he paeta I nga toa anuanu
Kia kaua e anuanu a Tauranga Nui a kiwa

Anahera taare
1 5
More street art in the cbd

17 1
Fix the potholes; upgrade sewage system; utilise ideas from heart of gisborne i.e food festival, craft markets etc; utilise the walkway ie gym equipment, parks etc; take a look at Napier and the excellent job their council do. create jobs in Gisborne ie stop outsourcing work that can use local trades people; tidy up Kaiti Hill; indoor trampoline park for the kids/indoor sports arena, something for the wet/winter weather

10 1
Create some more play spaces at the Ida Road park please. She's a bit boring

Shar Pilkinton
2 0
Better park/ playground for Ida Road. This park has never been a proper park a set of swings is not a playground.

0 0
download images
Change the venue of the farmers market. The current venue is too congested to traffic. A better alternative is to have it down at the old Railway Station. It will have a better atmosphere more space and loads of parking area. Take a leaf out of Hasting's book.

Paul Jefferson
23 0
A dog park! Enclosed area for our dogs to socialise and get exercise without annoying the public who don't like dogs. Desperate need and would solve a lot of dog issues.

Ana alexander
19 2
IMG 2463
Purpose build mountain bike trails that are designed properly increasing the fun aspect which leads to popularity and growth. MTB trails can co-exist with walkers but not on the way down. Some planning and common sense with the right people involved can make this happen. Just like many other cities/ council around New Zealand.

80 1
Make Waiteata Park dog friendly as it used to be so that locals can enjoy the park with their pets, under the nice big trees in summer and stream for dogs to run in. Put some bins at the park with bag dispensers for any dog poo needs

Shane Vermeulen
8 16
Lights and and a public toilet up Kaiti Hill!

28 0
Waahi eke hoiho

Tama iti kururangi
1 2
More trees in the parks and along our street, cleaner air and more wildlife!

9 0
Adventure trails based on whakapapa kōrero

10 0
Highlight and celebrate our beaches as they are our main attraction to Gisborne, have more events and activities down the beach front

8 0
Make the Rere Falls and Rere Rockslide "Regional Parks" recognising they are some of our most popular destinations. Spend a decent amount of money upgrading and maintaining them. Plant natives alongside the riverbanks.

Lois Easton
18 1
More rubbish bins in Alfred Cox Park behind Kahutia St.

Karen McCarthy
0 0
Bike way between botanical gardens to campion college

8 0
Scooter park like Napier/ improvements to skatepark making it more small child friendly

4 0
Splash pads like in Wellington would be amazing on the other side of the bridge in Kaiti great for kiddies and easy health and safety

1 0
Walk/Cycleway to Campion college along river which then links with beach walk way. This could be done by building it along the side of the golf club opposite Campion then skirting around Airport onto the other golf course by the beach to complete a loop.

Boyd Chamberlain
10 0
Work with DOC or other land owners to develop a Great Walk on the east coast somewhere to attract more tourism and work opportunities for the locals to support this industry

Boyd Chamberlain
12 0
With Rere Falls and Rockslide being promoted nationally and internationally - and also a regional treasure, why is there currently no budget funding allocated to improve facilities and increase the maintenance of these reserves? The idea - include the Rere Falls and Rockslide into the long term plan to ensure positive maintenance and improvements are carried out to cope with the number of visitors to these reserves.

Sandra Matthews
18 0
A BBQ area at the skatepark

4 0
Fix the cracks and bumps at the skatepark

2 0
Get rid of holes in skate ramps

4 0
Renting a skateboard near skate park

Cameron Kuklick
5 0
Our skatepark needs to be upgraded, heaps of rangatahi hang out here and it's cracked and needs better maintenance.

3 1
Move the Farmers market to Railway Reserve: lots of space, and so much prettier, and still close to town. (would have to do something for parking etc in winter. )

5 0
improvement to Aberdeen road park making it more safe for the kids

2 0
Kids zone in cbd with trampolines and chalkboard

3 2
Making all the parks and sports grounds in gisborne smoke free like Rotorua

6 1
A pedestrian walkway up grays Hill the amount of walkers is steady and the risks from traffic and trucks is high. Probably could have been done when road was upgraded. And no cars on Kaiti hill

Robyn Wilkie
9 1
Let's make all the parks and playground in Gizzy smoke free, we shouldn't be showing the mokos bad habits lets keep them healthy and safe

nana ma
8 2
Start building up towards a Festival of Lights. Uplight trees in prominent places, like Oneroa walkway, the riverbank and a light show in the trees at Marina Park or the Botanical Gardens etc. This would be great not only for locals but a tourist attraction too. Make the summer months a light festival where families can enjoy the walkway in the evening or picnicking at the park with all the lights. It wouldn't take much and just keep building on it each year.

20 0
Having a walkway go all around the Te Puia Springs Lake with seating at every quarter to enjoy the lake view and tranquility. A couple of bbq areas like those at Midway beach with covered seating alongside the SH35 would attract a lot of tourists.

Rangi P
10 0
The skatepark have their own toilets instead of using the I-Site toilets.

4 1
We desperately need to keep our Motu Trails going but can only do so with the help of Gisborne District Council as it is their asset that does not get guaranteed funding each year. I would like to see the trail continued right into town and along the river banks making it an amazing tourist attraction which in turn will help out our local business's. It is essential for this region that we keep the Motu Trails going.

Amy Spence
14 0
Motu Trails is now a significant tourist attraction in the Gisborne region. it is also one of the 22 Ngaharenga Great Rides. From Motu via Matawai to Te Wera and through the Rere Falls road to Eastwood Hill and on via Wineries to Gisborne. Need to support Central Govt. to continue with the cycleway project from Matawai to Te Wera which will be off road and much safer for riders. Come and join us for The Rere Falls Trail Adventure ride on the 29th October

Kathy Sheldrake
14 0