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west inn ave2
Regarding congestion at Lytton West ... Why not create a new road between Ruru Ave & Potae Ave, Makes sense because you would think you can drive straight and eventually turn right to get on to Ormond Rd, but no you have to U-turn

3 1
Invest more in our roads! Stop building cycleways and spend that money fixing roads maintaining them!

Jon Snow
7 45
A review of all road/pram crossings as they are too steep for elderly on scooters and people in wheelchairs

Senior Citizens
27 0
Me hanga e te kaunihera tētahi tomokanga (entrance sculpture) kuhu mai ki to tātau rohe.

Te Tira Kahurangi
14 11
More street lights Hinekura Road Tolaga Bay and fix existing lights

7 0
Roundabout at Harris Street and Rutene Road Intersection.

26 6
I'm over our our tragic roads. Our roads are almost like 3rd world type that even our tarseal has potholes as big as craters. The uneven surface issue we face up a long the coast, the stretch of drive between Te Karaka & the Waioeka (parts of the road has huge dips), also the Wharerata Road (that you almost loose control because it's uneven-ness).
Logging trucks are destroying our roads. The logging business need to fork out for the damaged caused to the roads. They are making millions a year and yet we don't see the benefits. Maybe this could be a way they give back, as well as support our district.

50 13
Easier access for mobility scooters & wheelchairs to cross the road. Should be bridges from footpath to road as the road camber is too steep for safe crossing

16 3
A roundabout Lytton Road/Ormond Road. Always afraid a vehicle will hit me in the rear, as less than 1 in 10 observe the compulsory stops (at any compulsory stop in Gisborne)

57 1
Old car tyres can be recycled to make asphalt. The new road side parking in Childers Road around Bright St are not sub divided . One car takes up enough room for two car parks. This is the same further up Childers Road.
There are to be at least 300 more logging trucks in year to come so ponder on that one and logs don't go to Napier ie Rail road. But Leader Band and Cedenco do

Beverley Ann Carswell
5 6
Traffic Light pedestrian crossings (like in Rotorua). For areas that are high traffic and difficult to cross.

12 1
The logging and trucking industry should be paying money directly into the National Roading fund. The roads in and out of Gisborne are atrocious. It is simple as this, The government increased the legal weight a truck can carry, that has caused an increase in the weight put on our roads. Its simple.

Fix Ourroads
42 8
Cycleway for Tokomaru Bay Township

27 4
Fix the tikitiki roads they pretty crap!!!!

9 0
Traffic lights at Hirini and Wainui road. Major intersection for trucks. Needs to be controlled better. For everyone including the trucks

18 3
Whakatika i nga potholes.whakatika I nga Drains noreira kaore ka whakakiki haere I te wai.

Henihana and maumahara and kaare
5 0
Railway development please.
Connect Gisborne to the rest of the Kiwirail. I know plenty people who would take the train to Auckland if it were available. It would also be able to take logs, reducing the amount of trucks on the road = less damage.

29 24
Solar powered street lights. Charge during the day, turn on at night. Could even tap into the shared solar power network or store energy into it. One YouTube video idea

44 0
Street lights after Tokomaru Bay pub going towards the wharf.

11 0
It would be interesting to know the history of our street names. Maybe a plaque on certain streets and a route to follow them. A way of getting to know the history of Gisborne. For example Glastone was a prime minister of Britain. Awapuni means lagoon and marks the old path of the Waipaoa

27 1
I have some ideas about a solution to Lytton West shopping center traffic issues.
1. To move the public toilet to Lytton West Reserve. which is not only to increase the parking space in the front of the shopping center,but to reduce number of parking cars also.
2.To pave a hard surface walkway cross Lytton West Reserve. which will encourage the customers who is living at Ruru Ave and Ormomd Rd to walk to the shopping center.
3.To build a laybay along Potae Ave at other side of the center to increase parking space. It's better, to build a parking bay along Lytton West Reserve. which will be make people who is visiting the reserve could park their cars at the bay instead of parking their cars in the front of the center.

1 0
The proposed Taruheru River Cycle/Walkway will provide a valuable off-road connection between residential areas, schools and community spaces. It will make it easier for residents to chose "active transport" as a way to get to where they have to go, and will be an attractive ride or walk for visitors. It will be a big step towards generating a huge boost in the numbers of people cycling and walking.

Gillian Ward
39 1
Cycle walkway from Hauiti Marae to Tolaga Bay Wharf,
I Bernadine Kaa submitted a form to the council about 10+ years ago for a walkway starting from the E Tipu Kohanga Reo corner Tauwhareparae Road to the Wharf Road Tolaga Bay, This has not been completed as it started and finished quarter of the way past the Hauiti turnoff. Please fulfill the locals wishes as this stretch of road is dangerous for both cyclists and pedestrians

Bernadine Kaa
24 0
Investigate a roundabout at Chalmers Road and Gladstone Road intersection. Chalmers Road is the gateway to Gisborne from the airport. Chalmers Road could be transformed through planting and street trees to reinforce this important gateway

Thane Houston-Stevens
22 4
1) Lobby central government to direct the millions in Road User Charges (RUC) paid by all trucking firms carting goods, including your food, that are not spent in the district they are earned in.
2) Use the rates paid by the Forest Owners over the past 30 years to the benefit of the roads.
3) use the differential rate already levied on the Forest industry to the benefit of the roads
4) Stop the talk of levies, this would be the 4th 'tax' on the industry. (See above)
4) understand that the benefits of the local industry DO stay here in employment and payment through the supply chain, profit is a miniscule part of the money flow.

17 2
The district council should be managing the roads, no excuses. Everybody pays, an you expect us to pay more.. no! We send millions of dollars of our logs over seas.
The last thing we should be doing is paying use for what's keeping use going.

3 9
Central government should support our primary producing industries like forestry, farming and horticulture by paying for road maintenance. You can't expect local ratepayers to keep forking out when you know the 'wall of wood' is getting bigger. The port's expanding to meet the demand so now's the time for the government to step up and pay.

17 0
road mirror
I think we should put a road mirror on Rutene road and De Lautour road roundabout because it can be hard to see traffic coming on your right when your heading up Rutene road.

9 1
Need more zebra crossing in Kaiti along Wainui Rd to make it safer for kids crossing . Also Ida rd where it's really busy

Repeka Maraki
12 0
Traffic lights by the courthouse/ police station. Busy area and is always congested!

Heidi Vera
2 4
Why not just add a give way/pedestrian crossing for traffic coming from Potae Ave? It would mean onus is on those drivers to slow or stop for turning vehicles. It wouldn't be a compulsory stop so traffic wouldn't build and people wouldn't be deterred from stopping at the shops, making it better for the businesses. Potae Ave residents may not be overly happy about it but a crossing is to their advantage and it would resolve the issue without massive roadworks or cost.

Stacey Stewart
0 2
Pedestrian crossing at the corner of Delatour, Wainui and Crawford road intersection so kids can cross the main road safely while going to Te Wharau and Ilminister.

Amanda Manuel
5 0
Stop spraying roundup in excess on the edge of roadsides. It looks horrible and is embarrassing when tourists comment on the vulgarity

4 3
Would like to know when our road will be tar sealed. Karaua Road, Manutuke. It is the only road left in the Manutuke area that is not tar sealed with the amount of traffic utilising this road.

Liz Graham
1 1
Fix up the rough footpaths and the extra high kerbs where the step up is way to high for elderly people. People with walkers struggle to move along many of our streets. Also the pram crossings are too steep a full review needed across the city.

Sandra Glassford
1 0
Restricting vehicle access on Titirangi; Installing barricades/chain/gate that is locked in the evening. Speed humps - too many reckless drivers during event periods ie Everest Challenge. Look at making the road one way.
These options will improve safety for pedestrians and also reduce the accessibility for those that have been dumping rubbish.

20 1
The roads up towards top of the coast are not as bad as people make out. The truck drivers are nice to follow. No to taxing heavy trucks . There is no difference to the roads in golden bay in Nelson area. People in Gizzy should try driving on the alternative highway between Blenheim and Christchurch. That's bad now for truck and car crashes.

0 6
Stricter laws on indicating when driving.

3 1
What's the other form of transport recognised by NZTA? Horses! And Tairawhiti people love theirs. The kids & families want to be able to ride in all the same places we walk, bike and drive. It's not often Aussies do better than us but on this the are check this idea out from over the ditch

1 8
Roads up the east coast as I couldn't even get to a tangi due to the road literally falling into the sea

5 0
For the Lytton West shopping area: to create another exit through the park create a road through. This would help decrease the traffic exiting on to the intersection. Also would help if Potae Ave linked into other roads so residents can choose other exits such as linking Ruth st to the Kiri te kanawa rest homes street - I'm sure residents would use this route too.

Rachel Atkinson
4 0
Target those that are on restricted car license and are carrying passengers which is not allowed! Its so frustrating to see the youth in particularly constantly putting there lives at risk and there mates lives at risk. Programmes in school and awareness involving the police would be great and getting people with there own tragic stories to speak to youth to try minimize the law breaking and the tragic loss of our future which is the youth.

Student trying to save lives
0 5
Make the region as cycle friendly as possible for visitors and locals to get out and active beyond town. Wherever possible utilise river stopbanks and foreshore for off-road cycle/walk/run trail. The region has superb on-road recreational/touring cycling with attractions like Eastwoodhill Arboretum, Rere Falls and Rere Rockslide to create awesome destinations/stop-offs. Enhance the ‘Rere Falls Trail’ ride with river stopbank/foreshore trail back to town, and with shelters, signage, etc along the way. Strengthen the 'coast to coast' link with Motu Trails with shelters, signage etc around Motu, where there’s easy riding in a fabulous natural/historic area. Support the creation of information so it’s easy for people to find out where and how to ride.

jim robinson
8 0
Speed humps outside all schools

Kelly Anne
2 1
In a few years when I’m out and about as an adult, I’d like to have safe passage and travels on roads. On behalf of many artist such as myself growing up let alone our people, I think it is a good idea to have safe traveling around our home to be able to represent our home by travelling to perform, hold events etc. Many accidents have also been caused on roads lately. And I think the way that the roads are have taken place in how the accidents are caused, it would be nice to know that some whānau are traveling safely with safer roads. Overall, I think it’s just morally safer for us, Te Tairāwhiti to have good and stable roads to minimise the casualties on roads. I don’t know how it’s gonna happen, but I believe that we can do this!

Robert Baratheon
1 0
A change to the Lytton West shops parking area. Remove some of the pavement and move the parking spaces closer to the shops. Build a curb between the parks and the road so it becomes a 1 way area (1 entry drive way, 1 exit drive way) and have space behind the parks where people can reverse out of the parks and drive towards the exit driveway. This way people will have to make a right hand turn from a driveway to exit Potae Ave instead of reversing and u turning on the road.

4 0
Construct a round about further along Potae Ave where that grass area park is. Cars would then reverse out and travel along Potae for fifty meters or so use the round about and return toward Lytton Rd via Potae

Alan Loye
1 0
Please a footpath on Makaraka Rd so the children walking to catch the bus to school - walking to shop - walking their dogs can feel safe so don't have to walk on road edge, it is a 50kph zone, but vehicles are either speeding up heading for the 100kph zone or slowing down from leaving the 100kph into the 50kph, a footpath would keep all safe

5 0
I live just down from the boys high in Stanley road. It not only becomes a "quarter mile sprint" from Childers road roundabout to the Gladstone rd roundabout but it has no 40km restriction for the school. Seems to be the only area near a school that is missing this restriction. Would love to see speed bumps in our small stretch of road before something really bad happens with the speedsters.

Lesley Loftus
2 0
I think the GDC need to move ahead with extending the Potae Avenue road, past Sonrise School and out onto Nelson Road, that then gives drivers a choice on which way they would prefer to go and would lessen the number of vehicles at Lytton West. House owners in this area were notified 7 years ago that this would happen along with extending Ruth Street. Just wondering that if there was a serious accident at Lytton West and the intersection required closing, how would any of the residents that live down and around Potae get out ie and elderly resident requiring the Hospital. Yes this would make for more road noise past my residence but it seems to me that its progress that should already have happened.

Robyn Hatwell
4 0
Ensure that city planning of subdivisions such as Potae Ave in Lytton West have more than one entry road (where possible). Potae Ave has the potential to connect to Nelson Road and Cameron Road helping to distribute traffic better and relieve the pressure at Lytton Road.

Thane Houston-Stevens
4 0
To do a face lift on Wainui Gladstone Road bridge. To be able to see the beautiful river (like Rutene road) not the present concrete

2 2
Make our roads safer and properly maintained, stop passing the buck on whose fault it is and why the roads are in the state they are and just fix them. Health and Safety should apply to our roads as well and I have to wonder how it is when the state of our roading networks is such a disgrace and in places "an accident waiting to happen".
Road users and the people in our rural communities deserve more and to not be forgotten about or pushed to the side.

1 0
Lytton West. A roundabout on the Lytton/Ormond Road corner makes more sense, then people can turn left coming out of Potae instead of the lines of cars building up.
Opening up the other end of Potae through past Sonrise School would also ease the corner problems. Parking needs to be closer into the shops on south side so people backing don't back into the traffic

Maureen Wilson
1 0
New Streets
Congestion issues ex: Wipere/Stout st (Roebuck Rd) Lytton rd roundabout (Lytton Rd) & Peel st bridge are good for police blocks but during peak traffic times its easy to see that an extra bridge in Sheehan st connect to Coben st and Stanley rd connect to Dalrymple or Oak via Grundy st would be very helpful ,

1 0
Loading zones at Peel st lights all seem to be mainly by old China palace (why?) can they be spread out 1 for each corner...

1 0
Lytton West Shops: A 25 year old layout has been overtaken by increased usage. Conflicting needs exist between shopkeepers not keen to lose customers, parking customers and those simply wishing to traverse through the area. For these reasons and obvious space constraints, I don’t see that there is any easy fix.
My suggestions, as a lay person, are roundabouts at Lytton/Ormond corner. Another at Potae Av./Lytton Road corner. A smaller one in Potae Av., about where the existing toilet is. I would see the loo being moved closer to the shops, to maximise the circle space. The berms would need redesigning as well. The roundabout would have to be capable of negotiation by trucks. This might mean the centre is low, but still bumpy for cars. Even though construction at Beetham and KTK Ryman is coming to an end, truck traffic will still exist, unless of course Potae Avenue is opened up at the western end. This will have the down side of transferring problems to the road feeding Sonrise School and Nelson Road of course. I suggest signage at the shops to direct exit via the roundabout.
I imagine the current turning around across the road and other creative manoeuvres are against the road rules. If this is correct there would need to be some sort of enforcement blitz to change habit patterns.
The ultimate answer I think, is to create a shopping precinct in the park area, but this is almost certainly impracticable.

Ron Taylor
3 0
My concerns are around the following:
Log trucks through Mangapapa /Ormond road and Awapuni need a detour road. On average more than 13 full trucks pass through Ormond road just in the morning, depending on the market and season.
Parking meters are expensive in the main street, it needs to cut back on tolls.
Are all shops wheel chair accessible?
They need to be.
The mobility taxi service (Gisborne taxis ) is struggling, as several complaints from people with disabilities struggle with making it to appointments and home especially when the taxi service are transporting children to school there is only one service available apart from sunshine service and the ministry of Education are aware of this problem.
There needs to be a college for the youngsters with disabilities and who are on the spectrum ADD, ASD, ADHD etc, fully resourced.

Jade Moore
1 1
I think that to ease the traffic circus at Lytton West shops a new road should be formed through the edge of the park area onto Ruru Ave. If this is not viable then there could be room to form a new road behind the existing businesses [ Eastland Fire and the Liquor store } onto Lytton Rd. Potae Ave should then be blocked off by the existing toilet , creating a shopping area without through traffic. A marked turnaround area at the end should help to control traffic flow , maybe a centre island would also help.

Denis McLean.
0 0
I am a resident of Beetham Village and what is most important to me is another exit from Potae Avenue. I understand that an exit to Nelson Road or even the Back Ormond Road has been considered. My reason for concern is that the two retirement villages at the closed end of Potae Avenue will have upwards of 500 residents many of whom are unable to independently look after themselves. Imagine the chaos of a major disaster (earthquake, flood or fire!) Surely another connecting road would also ease the congestion at Lytton West Shopping corner. I would certainly use it!

Lorna Reeve
0 0
More cycleways - especially the crucial Taruheru River cycleway providing a safe off-road route for schoolchildren, commuters, shoppers and recreational users.

Geraldine Oliver
0 0
I think that a new road needs to be built across the park area on Potae Ave to connect to Ruru Ave. Potae Ave could then be blocked by the toilets and a turn-around area created. A narrow concrete island may also be needed in the centre of the road to encourage drivers backing out of the shops to use the turn-around area . This will create a dedicated shopping area and avoid all conflict with through traffic on Potae and make it easier for shoppers. I have no problem with turning out of Ruru onto Ormond at any time of day.

D McLean.
0 0
Lytton West/Potae Avenue - problem with reversing and u-turning cars. I would suggest the first 2 car parks as you turn into Potae Ave are made parallel parks which may help with the bottle neck when cars are reversing and then not indicating as they turn, or not checking if anyone is coming around the corner. The disabled park would have to be shifted further along to do this. Most people would like to retain the paved area but maybe it could be slightly reduced to widen the road. Could Potae Avenue be extended to come out at the other end in to Nelson Road?

Sandra Bryon
0 0
Lytton traffic solution - Utilizing the current space in HouseofBreakthrough car park boundary for a turn around bay & car parking for the Lytton West shopping area. Currently 25-30 carparks available and a limited turn-bay that we are open to making public/leased to council , this does not have to mean any transfer of finance and could be arranged with other means upon discussions with a church board representative. The 25-30 carparks could be dramatically improved with some planning/consultation with effected business and a re-work of the area with the House of Breakthrough boundary, this could include traffic flow coming in from the Liquor store/butcher back entrance or a separate entry and exit from the Church road side, the frontage is large enough to accommodate a separate entrance and exit within the legal boundary. HouseofBreakthrough needs to come up with a solution for our deteriorating carpark surface and in the short term to protect our surfaces from further damage this may include locking our front gates and or signage that no unauthorized parking or turning is allowed... this would most certainly compound the traffic flow issue which is not our desire however our carpark is deteriorating faster with the non church public use it gets, we need to find a solution other than resealing the area as current funds prohibit this. Please contact me for further discussion - Scott Cowan 0274345414 photos attached - a) carpark boundary and b) non church vehicles (except for our bus) during the week

Scott Cowan
0 0
Shared paths/dual shared paths for walkers, cyclists and skateboarders. A few weeks ago my brother got hit by a car at the Delatour Road, Huxley Road intersection whilst cycling to work. My brother is a big man and very noticeable. The driver of the car didn't take any notice of him and just turned and hit him. My brother was left with a broken collar bone and shattered scaptular (shoulder blade shattered). He is still in recovery. The accident was witnessed by Police. The driver of the car has been charged. This has prompted me to put forward an idea for the future safety of our community. It would be great to see an implementation of shared paths for walkers, cyclists and skateboarders in the whole of Gisborne. Not just the Wainui suburb. I have also added another idea to this website for the future safety of the people of this city. "STAY WIDER OF THE RIDER" from Perth City, Western Australian's City Council website.

Adrienne Stewart
0 0
Stay Wider of the Rider - Rules for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians from Perth, Western Australian's laws

Adrienne Stewart
0 0
Be nice to have our Roads upgraded. Recently come back from the Bay of Plenty. Gisbornes Roads are looking tragic. Photographs of Tyndall Road

Adrienn Stewart
0 0
Please upgrade our main bridge. It's ugly! Pictures taken today of its current condition. A mural would be great showing the history or the artistic talents we have in Gisborne. Toihoukura - Visual Arts and Design Artists could help. Tairawhiti is full of artists. Use them!

Adrienne Stewart
0 0
Waikirikiri Park: Carpark upgrade. Dalton Road, Tyndall Road congested with cars during the sport seasons especially during the winter seasons. Dalton Road can be left with a 1 lane drive. Not safe. May be construct more parking space in the grass area as photographed in the pics or create parallel parking spaces all the way up Dalton Street. Pics added.

Adrienne Stewart
0 0
Make the city bridges more pedestrian & cycle friendly and safer for people to use. They are currently shared by cyclists, walkers, mobility scooters, e-bike, and log trucks but are unsafe as they are. Especially the bridge near the city police station.

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