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While i don't like paying for others private property, the drainwise project is hugely important for the district as a whole. However, as many landlords in Gisborne seem to be companies (rather than individual people who own a second house), can't there be a obligation in law for those landlords (say those who own 3 or more properties) to NOT be included in the drainwise project? Or at least have to pay for it themselves? Rents are pretty high in Gisborne and when many landlords are Auckland or out-of-town based, and most would have the money, why should locals pay for these properties be brought up to standard when the profits from that property leave the district.
This would reduce the amount of money required for the drainwise project as it would reduce the properties requiring a fix under Council funds. Those landlords can then be forcibly encouraged to have the issues on their property rectified within a set time - say one year. Enforcement could be tricky and costly i get that - but perhaps these property owners would rather pay the cost of getting the work done, than a fine each and every year for negatively affecting a system they aren't affected by.

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Have noticed its a bit hard to pick options for Waste water plan. Could underwater photos of outlet pipe and surrounding area be provided for public, Sure everyone would like option 5, but isn't that the final goal and all options and cost would eventually be spread out of time?

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The council could run water conservation workshops just like the composting ones and for those who attend give them a water butt and down pipe adapter so that we could collect rain water to be used during the summer months for the garden.They do this in other countries and it's very popular. If every household had even just one small water butt we could make so much difference and learn better water management from the workshop.

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All major council projects to be put on hold until the wastewater system is replaced or up-graded to stop the release of raw sewage into the river and the sea. All homeowners must install a storm-water holding tank with GDC to loan the cost which they pay back over a 5 - 10 year period.

Maraea Pomana
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To stop raw sewage being released into the rivers.

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Programme to encourage, support and subsidise all to install rain water tanks (as is done in many other areas, nationally and internationally).

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When there is a swimming pool consent, it should include a water meter rate.

Judy Ngarimu
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People could be encouraged and subsidised to install a water tank, reducing run off and helping the water supply in dry summers.

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Plant our waterways with ecology-restoring species.

Thane Houston-Stevens
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If the planned irrigation scheme goes ahead it should not be treated as a permanent improvement of water supply - it should be treated as a contingency for the years when there are shortages, which will continue, and get worse. If the extra water is immediately allocated and used for expansion of farming / horticulture we will end up in exactly the same situation. We should be aware of our limits and live within them.
Gisborne people used to be very conscious of the need to conserve water, then when the Waipaoa scheme went ahead suddenly water was treated as an infinite resource - it is not.

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I think we should have water metering and user charges for everyone that uses our water supply. People should pay for the amount of water they use and might learn to be more efficient or get rainwater tanks so we don’t have to have restrictions in summer.

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I think homeowners should to pay to fix drains for rain water and sewage on their own property – not out of our rates! If something was broken in your house you would have to pay to fix it yourself – why not the plumbing? Come on people if there's a pool of water on your lawn, drain it to the road! #Dontusepublicmoney #Checkyourdrainageworks

Sort it out
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Whakatika Te awa hanga tētahi tau wāhi mo Te teko

Jual Toroa
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Tena koa, awhina i nga awa kia maori mai mo te hunga kaihoe i te awa o Waimata, o Turanga. Kua raru nga tamariki na te paru o te awa, kia manawanui mai!

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Council should encourage (subsidise) homeowners to install water tanks to collect their own drinking water. This will reduce run off during winter and help with water security in dry summers.

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The council should stop spraying round up on roadside drains which flow directly into creeks, rivers and beaches. The evidence of the adverse affects the chemical causes to the environment and human health is overwhelming. Council should (or subsidise communities to) plant native species along grass roadside drains which will keep grass down and naturally filter water runoff

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I like the idea that we are encouraged to have rain water collection tanks. After Bola people were encouraged to get one because of the fact that water was scarce then. We have that problem now when we go into drought conditions which sadly is happening more and more. Metering water is a good idea but only after a set amount for a household. Meaning that those who over use water will get a charge and those of us who watch what we use, do not.

Heather Tipene
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W Rainwater UndergroundRWtank fmt
How about requiring all new build homes to install a stormwater holding tank(they cost about $1000), that way when a big storm comes the stormwater system won't be inundated with stormwater from all homes in the district overflowing into the sewerage system poisoning our rivers and ocean. Also possibly having a scheme to help current home owners install one of these into their homes.

Ana Nahi
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A system that cleans water before it goes in to our rivers and oceans. For all the water that goes through drainage

Betty B
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