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Me reo rua nga mahi me nga kaupapa o te Kaunihera.

17 22
Can we move the town centre beside the river will do wonders in terms of creating a better vibe

8 39
Further develop our small country towns ie. Tologa Bay, Tokomaru, Ruatorea, Te Karaka and Matawai to attract passing tourist. Use this as a way to bring them into our small towns to boost the economy and support the home grown peeps. Even if it's a initiative for the summer period and rest in the winter. Target the cruise ships where we bring buses out to these towns. Target the traffic during the summer.
Decorate the towns make them more tourist appeal. Get the communities to drive market, stores, arts and crafts initiative. Also utilising our many marae - maybe cultural visit to the marae & community.
Something to think about.

Jenny Reid
19 6
Let's do more for our Waitangi Day and Matariki celebrations - if we can pull out all the stops for NYE and New Years day, lets celebrate some of our truly NZ kaupapa. Plant kumara and Matariki themed gardens at the Botanicals each year with small placards explaining what they are and contain, have some community events for Waitangi utilizing our beautiful parks, Library, Pools, War Memorial Theatre, beaches and Museum, and if these ideas are already in place- let's support and grow them!

Te Rina
13 36
A review of all footpaths in and around the CBD as some are too steep (on a slope) for people in wheelchairs.

14 10
Solar powered charging stations in town with USB ports.

18 19
Smart Pedestrian Crossings that have a weight sensor pad, that detects when people are standing on them and will activate the crossing signals.

11 25
The plan is no good unless the people accept it. Lots of engagement is good.

2 0
I'd like to see the train station done up with art work from local talented people to make it look alive. And to have market stores down there of local craft art food
Where the permit are much easy and cheaper to get and stall price affordable
Look where our market have gone it's so sad
When I left 12yrs ago it was a good place to meet up at the flexibility markets now hmmmmmm not impressed
What about when the ships come in that's a awesome spot to be.All the talent in Gisborne is fabulous.

Helen wynyard
21 1
Although our new park is awesome, a sheltered seating area for our tamariki during the summer would be nice for events held here. A better skate ramp and bike track. We have the space for it so why not.

7 0
Have parking meters that are compatible with modern technology, ie smart pay capable, this encourages payment as people aren't searching for cash we no longer carry. Removes security risks from meters.

71 2
Get Eastalnd Group / network to put more power lines underground. The removal of overhead lines makes the while street / surburb look nicer. Reduce the amount of money the ECT takes if necessary.

46 1
Ki oku nei whakaaro, Ko nga heiputanga o onamata mo tatou o turanga Ka maha ake nga whare, otira , Ka iti are nga nama o nga tangata kainga kore.

Manaakiao maxwell
5 5
It would be great if GDC could offer the option for residents to buy annual (or 6 monthly) parking permits for the CBD. Sale of these, if popular, could possibly help with the funding for more updated (card reading) parking meters for more visitors or casual users.

58 4
Raw milk vending machine in a few strategic places in Gisborne. This will have multiple advantages: enhance local economy (farmers would be able to sell their milk in a different way); healthy products (people are getting fresh milk) and waste minimisation (people would be able to take the milk in glass bottles and have a zero waste impact).

6 22
Rebuild the railway line from Gisborne to Napier

Roimata Mangu
11 16
Can we please make our CBD smoke/vape free, certainly around the new library area when it's finished. Create "friends of' groups for local parks and give them a small putea to encourage or create things/events in those areas that increase the local connection to users of the park

Ex Smoker
21 3
What I would like to see in the future of Tairawhiti , is Te Reo me on a Tikanga being implemented in kura and the community I strongly feel that's it's getting lost and I would love to be apart of keeping it going strong.

Terena Whati
3 10
A van prehaps that picks up kids from Kaiti and takes them to swimming and surf clubs

Rosalina shandley
2 8
Constant control for safety in the cbd People on drugs/doing drugs/beggars I feel very unsafe when walking through town with my children with people around I can clearly see doing drugs

6 5
Consult with Te Runanga o Ngati Porou to have the Waka that has been shoved out into the paddock being neglected all these years and bring it into the Tikitiki township alongside the main road SH35 so that tourists can see it. It is disgusting that this has been left to deteriorate. If they don't want it in the township put it at the lake in Te Puia that would be a great scenic place to put it.

Waka mad
9 1
Having healthy home installation to get your homes insulated for winter be paid through your rates in broken down instalments, this would make it easier for landlords to be able to have this installed before it becomes law especially if they have a number of rentals.

7 3
Community’s kid house with simple activities like pool and table tennis open 3 till 9 weekdays

0 4
The council needs to look to create a 20 or 50 year plan if it truly wants to see this region progress. It needs to be far sighted and not just purely focused on the next 10 years. 10 years is a very short time frame and tends to make people think to short term. Let's really focus on what this region will be like for our kids and what our legacy to them will be. This is what large companies are doing now to ensure that the decisions they make now are the best possible for the future.

James Blackburne
4 1
Could you make it so main street buildings have under veranda lights going that run from the street light power , fix for building owners 1st time then charge for any up keep .. nightlife needs encouraging, also help with drainage of veranda so shocking seeing all the leaks mainly caused from the Palm tree , the footpath in certain spot are sunken causing puddles, repack with sand and grind 2-4mm off so not slippery and mismatch colours and height

0 1